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Pokémon Abilities can make or break a deck, and there are plenty of new ones to look forward to in Scarlet & Violet—Paldea Evolved. Get your game off to a strong start with Squawkabilly ex’s Squawk and Seize Ability, which allows you to discard your hand and draw six cards. Squawk and Seize is reminiscent of Dedenne-GX’s Dedechange Ability or Crobat V’s Dark Asset Ability, with two key differences—you don’t have to play the Pokémon from your hand to activate this Ability, but it can be only be used during your first turn. If you’re looking for some explosive Energy acceleration, Forretress ex can flood your board with up to five Basic Energy at a cost—when you use its Exploding Energy Ability, Forretress ex is Knocked Out, giving up two Prize cards. Pelipper and Tinkaton can lend a hand, too, with the former helping you search out or recover a Supporter card and the latter drawing you three cards a turn.